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Dear Fred;
I want to say how much your love and support means to me. You are a wise and profound mentor. You have a priceless gift and deep commitment and attachment to the Vital Force.  I miss talking to you.      
- Much Love, Rod  (British Homeopath, Inventor, Scientist), May 18, 2000


Hi Fred, 
I just wanted to thank you for the session we did last week.  It feels like something shifted for me. In addition to the insight you provided, I think I really needed to be "gotten" by a man. I believe that was the only time in my life I've had that experience.  Looking forward to the June 10th workshop.
- Love, Robyn


I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop yesterday -- I REALLY got a lot out of it! 
  -  Robin


I continue to be amazing and thrilled by the LC book and all the incredible insights and tools therein.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Heidi and Fred! I am hungry to learn more and really make these techniques an active part of my daily life - they are so powerful.  
- August 2009   Carol F.


I can report that I have tried many of the exercises at work and the  very stressed operators at the Dept. of Defense are treating each other with a lot more respect and dignity though I don't think they really know why!  It is certainly a life changing book.
- Love,  Marion

At last I have finished your book. It has gone a long way to alleviate some of the stressful conditions we are finding ourselves in at the moment. Take care, much love and light to you all.
-  Marion B.


I love your site. Hooray for you both. I also love the book, although I haven't gotten through it yet, I find it readable and true. We send our love and gratefulness for your tools and teachings.
- Gemtriax


Dear Fred:  I found the book and am reading it now. It's really good! 
- Love, Barbara (CEO, Teacher) -Santa Barbara,
May 20, 2000


I love your book.  What a delightful experience !!!  I started reading it while Dan's parents were here, and was that ever fitting.  She 'jabs' him a lot.  I invited her to take my copy, however, she took down your info and I believe she may order one.
-  Rose, Taos


Fred: The book is brilliant - I have been trying out some of the exercises at work .  Do you offer this sort of training (workshops) to organizations who employ large numbers  of people - it is certainly needed.  I have noticed with my operators, one wrong word can turn the whole mood of the day, even if said in jest it can hit a 'nerve' and no amount of apologizing from the 'wrong doer' could turn it around - now perhaps I can help to turn the situation around - I certainly have the insight after reading your amazing book. I am learning so much from it.
- Marion     May 21, 2000



Dear Fred,
I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk to me yesterday...what a difference it made in my life. Bet you never heard that before haha!!  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders...I feel good...like a different person today...I let him go and there is no heartache... when you and I talked on the phone you verbalized everything I had been told on the inner a few days before...thanks again for everything,  
- B


The Loving Communication© work offered in "Making It Safe To Love" is the tools and understanding to achieve authentic connection, intimacy, peace and joy in relationship. In the almost 30 years I have spent in studying and immersing myself in relationship I have encountered NO OTHER approach that addresses the inherent obstacles to relationship in such a short, sweet and effective way. The process is simple, gentle and kind. It yields immediate and greater intimacy. I have gifted copies to all of my loved ones. All of them. I highly recommend "Making It Safe To Love" to anyone desiring the enjoyment of relationship.    
- Curt Medill  1/15/01


Hi Fred,
The LC is such a gift to the planet. Thank you for bringing it to humanity. I'm planning to mirror as many people a day as I can until I 'grok' the method. The LC would have made a significant impact if we would have had it before our separation.  I'm now going to read Making It Safe To Love.    
- Peace to you,  Curt


Dearest Fred
Just a note to let you know how fantastic the time we spent together with you was.  We both gained so much from working with you, not only learning new skills but understanding ourselves and each other much better.  It has prompted so many deep and honest conversations since you left, almost all creating some resolution of old hurts, and almost all without serious derailment!  Having vocalized our commitment for each other, and truly recognized each other's positive intent has helped us stay open and continue to listen - even when there is some internal interference going on.  Thank you a million times, we are both different, more open, more loving, more relaxed, happier and sexier people as a result of having spent time with you.    Lots of love, hugs and thanks.    
- Jack


BTW, Jane and I have been using the process we learned from you all and it has really helped us get through some rough spots. It's saved the day more than once. Thanx to you and Heidi.     
- PJC 11/08


Fred,  It has been amazing, for the first time in my life i am having productive disagreements. What starts out like an argument now (sometimes) ends up with me having a whole new understanding of my wife and our relationship. That is as long as we don’t get caught up in the content (he said she said) thing. I still consider us beginners and we have much to learn but even the basics are changing our lives for the better.   Again thank you for sharing what you have learned ! Sincerely,
- Robert Bennett


I took the LC seminar in 1994 and later got the book as a gift from a friend (Steve Cocconi) who took the class with me and later taught one, and the principles you bring forth here have been so valuable that I recommend it to my clients all the time.  It has assisted in making my second marriage the most wonderful relationship of my life.  I will be linking this website on mine so people can find out more about your great work.     Thank you Fred and Heidi!  Many blessings,
-  Lori, 


Hi Fred
Had a long chat with my Mother yesterday who is feeling absolutely wonderful after the sessions they spent with you last week.  She feels as if a miracle happened - which in a way it obviously did.  Apparently they have been in complete harmony since they last saw you - fantastic!  Thank you so so much for doing your magic with them as you did with us. Love and hugs  
- Lynne   XX   Lynne Smitham,  Teamwork - Consultants in Management Development and Learning. Tel: +44 (0)20 7370 0012    lynnesmitham@teamwork88.com


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