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We offer private sessions by phone or in-person for an individual, or a couple, family or group.  The hourly rate is $125.00. Private sessions are much more effective and more is accomplished if you have read the book,“Making It Safe To Love”, beforehand (see below) . Sliding scale upon request.  Contact us to arrange a session or for more information.


WorkShops: In an environment of humor, kindness and safety, these scientific concepts are shared in a fun, infectious way. Workshops are full of stories and anecdotes from “Making It Safe To Love”, real life examples of relationship woes and the “how to” apply the Loving Communication principles to finally resolve your chronic problems and destructive repetitive patterns. Contact us for more information about having a workshop in your area.


To order - “Making It Safe to Love” - $24.95 plus $3 (USA shipping) = $27.95.
(Australia/New Zealand Air Freight- $13.50 USD)

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