What is Loving Communication?

Do you agree?

1. No one wants upsets.

2. Upsets happen.

3. We each are born in innocence and lovingness.

4. We each carry pain and unresolved issues.

5. We all seek relationships, connection, warmth, safety.

6. Relationships bring up pain, upset and misunderstanding.

7. We do the best we can in each circumstance.

8. We each need and want to be heard, understood, respected and accepted.

9. We would love a reliable, easy, win-win formula for resolving upsets, misunderstandings and the pain of separation.

Those 9 explain what we see is true of human relating. This YouTube shows what LC (Loving Communication) has done & can do about that:



What is Loving Communication?

...from where did it come?


Loving Communication is the Science of Compassion.

It’s the missing keys to each and every human communication challenge...here is truly all you’ll need to heal, to resolve, to enhance or to restore loving understanding to precious personal or professional relationships. The true and enduring keys to peaceful resolution and closeness are here for you. We’re available to support your loving intention to master your toughest challenges.

Use of these principles will free you from limiting beliefs; it will free you of previously unseen preconceptions about relationship which were a residual of your past; and it will liberate you from all that used to control you in your attempts to genuinely communicate, to be seen for who you truly are.

You’ll finally be able to give your Love and be the uplifter you’ve always tried to be.

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